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Attorney David Bale can assist with trusts and estates in Westerville, OH

You've worked hard all of your life in order to provide for your family. But all of your efforts could be for nothing if you don't make a plan for your estate. Attorney David Bale of Bale & Associates, Ltd. assists clients with trusts and estates in Westerville, OH. A legal trust will make sure you have a say about what happens to your assets after you're gone.

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3 key benefits of establishing a trust

3 key benefits of establishing a trust

Wills and trusts serve similar purposes, but there are some key differences that could impact your family. You might choose to establish a legal trust because:

  1. A trust can go into effect during your lifetime
  2. A trust isn't a public record, so your financial affairs will be kept private
  3. A trust can allow your beneficiaries to avoid the probate process

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