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Our Process . . .

I start by assessing your needs and risk exposure for estate planning and business planning. Everyone’s risk and assets are different, and I need to explore your activities, exposure, and assets ownership and structure to develop a plan. Based on our review, I develop a plan for you to review and discuss with you.
Once I’ve developed an agreed plan, I take the time to meet with you to discuss our drafts and what they mean for you, your business and your family. I'll guide you step by step in accord with your instructions. My experience with business and litigation provides some unique insights as well.

Proven Strategies that Help Planning for You and Your Family’s Assets

It’s Not Just For Multi-millionaires... A misconception is that Asset Protection is for the wealthy with a lot to lose, such as planes, yachts, and expensive homes. While it can be, it is also for people who have worked hard to accumulate wealth and do not want to see it disappear through circumstances beyond their control. A fundamental premise in economics is the usefulness of limited assets to their owners, which are much more precious to those who cannot afford to lose those assets than the usefulness of the same assets to those who have abundant assets. So, asset protection is important to all clients, and is an integral part of estate planning, though methods vary according to risks and the asset held.

Given today’s world of high medical costs and a litigious society, it is easy to become a target and for hard-earned wealth to dissipate due to claims. It is important for families to consider Asset Protection in their estate planning.


Lawyers Are Society's Professional Problem Solvers.

-Rennard Strickland and Frank T. Read

David Bale was born and raised on a small family farm in central Ohio, where he first learned the value and importance of hard and diligent work. As an attorney, he has used those same lessons, time and again, to help his clients make the right decisions for themselves and their organizations.

David attended Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974. He went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Social and Applied Economics from Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio in 1975, and he then earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Cleveland State University's Marshall Law School in 1978. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar that same year and to the Federal Bar in the Southeastern District of Ohio and the Federal Court of Appeals in 1982.

He began practicing law as in-house legal counsel supervising insurance claims for Grange Mutual Insurance Company. His role in the three years he worked there included supervising casualty insurance litigation within several Ohio counties throughout the state. David left Grange in January 1982 in order to practice as a private practitioner as an associate lawyer in Baldwin, Menapace & Sheppard, a civil law and insurance defense law firm in Columbus, Ohio. The following year, David became a principal in Sheppard & Bale in Columbus, doing similar work on behalf of the firm's clients. While there, in addition to his litigation responsibilities, David was also responsible for the legal work with the firm's business clients and the firm's estate planning and probate work.

In 1991, David Opened His Law Firm of Bale and Associates, Which Subsequently Became Bale & Associates, LTD, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, a Law Firm. in 1995, the Firm Moved to The Westerville, Ohio Area.

Throughout his career, David has combined his business and estate planning experience to help clients better understand their opportunities and to discover new ways to succeed.

Each new client who comes to The Law Office of David G. Bale has the opportunity to participate in an initial consultation before committing to any work for a fee. During this first meeting, David begins to assess the client's needs and risk exposure, so that he can offer the best suggestions for estate and business planning.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in estate planning and probate law asset protection, business services and litigation, David knows that everyone's needs are different. Therefore, he wants to best serve his clients by developing a comprehensive plan tailored to each client's activities, exposure, asset ownership and structure.

Once David and his client have developed and agreed on a plan, he and his associates meet with the client as they develop the necessary legal structures and documentation, making sure that the client always understands their significance for the client, as well as the client's business and family