Our Process . . .

I start by assessing your needs and risk exposure for estate planning and business planning. Everyone's risk and assets are different, and I need to explore your activities, exposure, and assets ownership and structure to develop a plan. Based on our review, I develop a plan for you to review and discuss with you.

Once I've developed an agreed plan, I take the time to meet with you to discuss our drafts and what they mean for you, your business and your family. I'll guide you step by step in accord with your instructions. My experience with business and litigation provides some unique insights as well.

Proven Strategies that Help Planning for You and Your Family's Assets

Proven Strategies that Help Planning for You and Your Family's Assets

It's Not Just For Multi-millionaires... A misconception is that Asset Protection is for the wealthy with a lot to lose, such as planes, yachts, and expensive homes. While it can be, it is also for people who have worked hard to accumulate wealth and do not want to see it disappear through circumstances beyond their control. A fundamental premise in economics is the usefulness of limited assets to their owners, which are much more precious to those who cannot afford to lose those assets than the usefulness of the same assets to those who have abundant assets. So, asset protection is important to all clients, and is an integral part of estate planning, though methods vary according to risks and the asset held.

Given today's world of high medical costs and a litigious society, it is easy to become a target and for hard-earned wealth to dissipate due to claims. It is important for families to consider Asset Protection in their estate planning.