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Why Should I Hire a Probate Attorney to Handle an Estate in Westerville, Ohio?

When a loved one passes there is a lot to attend to, but most importantly it is time to remember and process the passing. Dealing with the administration of an estate involves an intrusion into this stressful time.

There are many steps in the administration of an estate that need to be taken in sequence while meeting certain deadlines set by law. Until these matters are settled in the right way, the court will not sign off on the estate and assets cannot be dispersed. That is why the attorneys of Bale & Associates are here to help. I understand what a sensitive time this is and that you need help protecting what is yours, and most important in this is your peace of mind.

Bale & Associates Gets it Done Right

Fortunately, I can offer you the services that will allow you to navigate the probate process and ensure that everything gets done correctly. You deserve to have the estate settled right, without a lot of hassles and delays, and it is always stressful even with support because of the delay in completing the process; while estates are often open for six months after death, it is also common that they are not completely administered for up to a year or more after death.

I can help expedite this process and protect the fiduciary administering the estate to getting the property to the intended beneficiaries. I can perform such services for our probate clients as:

1. Moving through the process as quickly as possible in a way that will take only months instead of years.

2. Filing all the necessary legal paperwork and documents; apply for tax identification numbers for the estate.

3. Making sure all the paperwork is filed so the executor has the ability to pay bills, access accounts and otherwise carry out the directions of the deceased.

4. Ensuring that creditors are notified; post all necessary bonds.

5. Ensure that any court fees and other expenses are paid.

6. Gather any information that may need to be shared with businesses and organizations and write or call them as needed.

7. Ensure that all probate and non-probate account transfers are made and then draft deeds to the proper parties.

8. Ensure that all legally reported bills are paid.

9. Ensure that the proper insurance is set up for all necessary assets.

10. Ensuring that all final income tax matters are settled correctly.

11. Determining all estate tax consequences that apply.

12. Ensuring that retirement accounts are distributed in a matter to minimize taxation.

13. Negotiate any credit claims involving credit card debt, medical expenses and any outstanding bills.

14. Handle the sale of personal property and real estate.

15. Arrange for payment of the fiduciary fees for handling the estate, or see that they are properly waived.

16. Acquiring whatever releases are needed to distribute the estate to the heirs.

17. Handle the final closing of the estate.

Every estate is unique, though generally there are required steps in notifying creditors, beneficiaries, and filing various reports with the court. Let our professional legal staff make sure everything gets done right the first time.