Do You Need to Establish Power of Attorney?

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Even if you're young and healthy, it's important to start thinking about who you might trust to make major medical or financial decisions for you in the event that you can't make those decisions for yourself. Under such circumstances, your designated power of attorney would step in. As part of his practice of probate law, attorney David Bale of Bale & Associates, Ltd. can help the designated individual execute your power of attorney. He will explain their various responsibilities in detail.

With years of experience as an estate planning and probate law attorney, you can rest assured that attorney Bale is the right choice to help you designate a power of attorney. Arrange for a consultation today to get started.

Don't be misled by the myths about power of attorney

Don't be misled by the myths about power of attorney

Some people delay establishing power of attorney due to common misconceptions. Here are common myths along with the simple truths behind them:

  • You can sign a POA at any time. You must be legally competent to sign a POA, which means you should do so while you're in good health.
  • You can complete a POA document online. This might be true, but it will likely be too ambiguous to actually be effective- get an attorney's help instead.
  • There's only one type of POA. There are several different types of POA you can choose from-seek guidance from your attorney.

Protect yourself and your estate. Designate a power of attorney ASAP.