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Estate planning is an important process; yet it is often neglected. Too many people fail to make an estate plan. Failure to do estate planning often creates problems for families.

Estate planning with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney like David Bale in Westerville, Ohio, can help you better prepare you and your family for the future during life, and can reduce the burden on your family upon your death.

Estate planning attorneys can protect your assets and advise you about how to plan for various life or death contingencies, to protect your family. Also, estate planning attorneys can assist individuals of all incomes and types of assets to help plan for a better future.

Money is a motivator in many families, and almost everyone has heard stories of divided families dealing with a deceased family member’s assets. You can help prevent these family disputes from arising through a variety of estate planning tools. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can make to your loved ones is your estate plan upon death. An estate planning attorney can help prepare wills to set forth your wishes about a finances and other matters.

An estate planning attorney can also help with legal instruments to manage your assets in the event of incapacity, and meeting the necessity or avoiding the necessity of an adult guardianship. An estate planning attorney can also prepare trusts to manage distribution and investment of your assets, on death, or to manage them during your disability or that of a loved one.

Estate planning attorneys have experience with what works and what does not work in your particular situation. They can also provide advice about how taxes may impact your estate, or how you may reduce income tax consequences. An experienced estate planning attorney will ensure that your estate plan complies with all state and federal estate tax law laws, where estate taxes are applicable.

Bale & Associates has experience assisting residents of Westerville, Mount Vernon and Central Ohio in estate planning. We will be attentive to your wishes, and will help you choose from different options available to you. We can help you develop a plan that carries out your wishes in accordance with the law, and to anticipate legal issues.

While estate planning can be complex, Bale & Associates work to help clients understand the planning process and why certain steps are necessary so that you understand why you are doing so as well.

Everyone should have some type of estate plan to prepare for the future, and it is true that by failing to plan you will have a plan made for you by default under the State’s law in which you live.

Contact Bale & Associates for advice about your estate planning in Mount Vernon, Ohio. We can help you prepare the necessary documents for your estate. If you have questions or concerns about estate planning issues, contact us today to learn more.