Let David Bale Simplify the Estate Planning Process

Retain an estate planning attorney in Westerville, OH

If you've started thinking about estate planning, you might feel like you're in over your head. What are advanced healthcare directives? What's the difference between wills and trusts? Estate planning can be confusing, but a knowledgeable attorney can sort out the process for you. Residents of the Westerville, OH area turn to Bale & Associates, Ltd. for help with estate planning. Attorney David Bale will help you create a comprehensive plan for your estate.

Start the estate planning process now. Call 614-895-5600 to schedule a consultation with a dedicated estate planning attorney in Westerville, OH.

Get help with all areas of estate planning

Get help with all areas of estate planning

The estate planning process can-and should-be customized to fit your specific needs. But how do you know which aspects of estate planning apply to your situation? Arrange for a consultation with attorney David Bale. He will...

  • Make sure you understand all of your options
  • Review your financial situation, including outstanding debts
  • Discuss your family and health care needs

Attorney Bale will answer all of your questions about powers of attorney and wills and trusts. You can trust him to help you with every step of the estate planning process.