Helping You and Your Business Succeed

Whether you are working in multinational business or you are an entrepreneur striving to make a dream reality, Bale and Associates is here to help…

Every business has legal challenges, whether it is strategic planning for the organization’s growth or defending the business assets, Bale and Associates is here to help you and your business with creative and practical business law solutions that will assist in enabling your organization to prosper.

Why Choose Bale & Associates For Your Business Needs?
Businesses need more than traditional legal services to succeed. Traditionally business owners seek legal services after legal challenges arise. Businesses need business law legal assistance with a fundamental understanding of business operations. There should be a business relationship between your business and your lawyer to accomplish this. Your lawyer should be familiar with what you do, how you do it, and your daily challenges. These are the types of business relationships that we seek. We perform best representing businesses with which we are familiar, and where we know the daily issues; this also reduces the costs of legal issues when they do arise because the prior assistance structures available options to address the legal challenge. We understand your financial statements, and we know legal options that affect your personnel, business structure and your strategic and tactical business decisions.

Over the years, we have assisted companies working in international trade and entrepreneurs working in the local marketplace. Give us a call to let us help you and your company pursue your business goals.

Our Services Include:
Start-Up Planning and Strategy
• Contract Drafting and Review
• Shareholder Issues
• Incorporation or Entity Formation
• Partnership Disputes
Business Litigation
Outside General Counsel
• Selected areas of Employment Law
• Business Real Estate Issues
• Succession Planning