Using an Estate Planning Attorney vs. Online Forms

Having a well-detailed estate plan is important to protect your assets, property, and surviving loved ones and prepare for the uncertainties of life. With your estate planning documents, you can provide detailed instructions about how you want your estate to be handled, distributed to beneficiaries, or disposed of when you’re gone or after sudden incapacitation.

There are different possible options to create your estate plan, but there are two main ways. You can download and complete online forms or work with an experienced attorney. Regardless, just because you can use online forms doesn’t mean you should. A skilled Ohio estate planning attorney can enlighten you about the benefits of working with an experienced lawyer over online forms.

Attorney David Bale has devoted his career to offering comprehensive legal assistance to individuals and families in estate planning-related matters. He can guide you through the process of drafting a comprehensive estate plan and make sure all your estate planning documents are valid and legally binding. The firm is proud to serve clients across Westerville, New Albany, Worthington, and surrounding areas throughout Delaware County and Franklin County, Ohio.

Estate Planning Attorney vs. Online Forms

Estate planning involves making appropriate plans in advance regarding how your assets, property, and debts should be managed, disposed of, or distributed. It helps settle your final affairs following your demise or sudden incapacitation.

Today, many people go online to get things done. Tasks such as banking, taking classes, researching products, and many more, can be performed online. Likewise, some websites allow individuals to download estate planning forms online. It is possible to create your estate plan by downloading and completing these online estate planning forms.

However, using online forms to create your estate plan without the guidance of an attorney is never advisable. You can make costly mistakes that may invalidate your estate plan. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an estate planning attorney over online forms:

Getting the Right Advice

When drawing up your estate plan, getting skilled and detailed legal guidance is very important. An experienced lawyer can enlighten you about your various options and determine the right plan that best fits your personal needs. Also, your legal counsel can offer reliable advocacy in complicated property, financial, tax, legal, and personal matters. In contrast, you will only have access to limited or no guidance when you download and complete online forms.

Making Necessary Modifications

Unfortunately, an omission, mistake, or oversight, can invalidate an entire estate plan. It can also cause legal issues among heirs during probate or estate administration. An estate planning lawyer can help modify your existing estate plan and make sure the new adjustments reflect. Conversely, it can be more challenging for you to correct errors or make modifications when completing an online form.

Answers to Questions and Concerns

Planning for what happens with your assets and property is a significant decision that can have a massive effect on your surviving loved ones and future. Due to this, you will likely have several questions and concerns. An attorney is in the best position to provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns and help you make intelligent decisions. Conversely, you will have to make such decisions on your own with an online form.


Furthermore, a local attorney will be knowledgeable, well-informed, and up-to-date about state-specific requirements regarding estate planning. Your estate planning attorney can also help take advantage of Ohio laws that could benefit you, help you avoid common mistakes, or mitigate potential issues. In contrast, most online forms are not state-specific. They may not meet the requirements for a legal and valid estate plan and won’t enlighten you about how state laws affect your planning.

When Disputes Arise

Unfortunately, disputes often arise among family members during probate or estate administration, even with a detailed estate plan. If this happens, the Ohio court will allow an attorney with an in-depth understanding of the estate planning documents to help resolve such issues. Conversely, if you created the estate plan using online forms, there will be no one to perform this function.

Keeping Your Documentation Safe

Lastly, an attorney can help keep several copies of your estate planning documents safely for many years. When the documents are needed, your heirs and administrator will have a point of contact. Conversely, there is limited or no accountability with online forms. The documents can be lost or damaged by decluttering your home or due to paper-eating insects.

Skilled & Detailed Legal Counsel

Drafting a well-detailed estate plan involves a lot of complex processes. Essentially, getting proper guidance from an experienced attorney is important to avoid making costly mistakes and avoid leaving your heirs in an unpleasant situation. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney can explore your different legal options and help you make informed decisions.

The Law Office of David G. Bale has the diligence and resources to assist and guide clients through the complexities of estate planning. As your legal counsel, he can help you understand the benefits of having an estate plan, explore your various estate planning options, and determine the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Additionally, Attorney David Bale can help draft your will, living trust, power of attorney, and other vital estate planning documents. He will outline a strategic plan to protect your assets, property, finances, business interests, and other investments. Above all, he will work diligently to address your needs and concerns and make sure your estate plan is legal and valid.

Contact The Law Office of David G. Bale today to schedule a simple consultation with a trusted estate planning lawyer. Attorney David Bale can offer you the personalized legal guidance, assistance, and reliable advocacy you need. The firm is proud to serve clients across Westerville, New Albany, Worthington, and surrounding areas throughout Delaware County and Franklin County, Ohio.


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