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Estate Planning
Whether you have concrete plans for your personal affairs or your business, I can help you explore your options and determine the best course of action. We'll talk about what to expect, how to best protect your assets and the various methods you have of protecting yourself as well.
Decedent Estate Administration
When a person dies, the process of collecting, managing, and distributing their estate can, for a variety of reasons, become a complex endeavor. I can help answer questions about probate and the litigation process should concerns or conflicts among the parties or beneficiaries arise.
Business Law
Effectively starting and sustaining a business requires careful planning and knowledge. Laws are often complicated. I can help you as you navigate each step, whether that’s forming an LLC to protect your personal assets or looking at creating employment contracts or other general concerns.
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David has a deep understanding of business operations that helps clients make the right decision for their organization. In addition, David’s experience with litigation gives his business practice a unique focus for both business transactions, asset protection, and litigation support. David was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1978 and to the Ohio Federal Courts’ Bar in 1982. David’s past experience in the areas of estate planning and probate work also integrate well to support David’s practice in the areas of Asset Protection, Business Services, Business and Trust Litigation.

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Estate Planning, Probate, and Business Law Attorney in Central Ohio

I can help you make informed decisions to secure the future of your family and business.

Estate planning is an important part of making sure our families are taken care of when we’re gone. If you have questions about how to best protect your assets, I can help. Thinking about the future of your legacy can give the people we leave behind a great sense of peace and keep them from facing any confusion about your wishes.

I’ve helped many people just like you to navigate estate issues of all sizes and circumstances.
As a practicing attorney, I’ve seen countless cases with all sorts of resolutions. You can count on me using that experience to your advantage. I always do my best to share the resources and contacts I’ve accumulated over the years to make going through the legal process as painless as possible for the benefit of everyone involved.
Most people will have questions about the legal process. My door is always open to answer them.
It’s no secret that legal issues can often feel complicated and daunting. I can help you cut through the confusion and deliver nuanced advice that is custom-tailored for your situation. Whether you need to set up a trust or change items in your will, I work to ensure that you leave with a complete understanding of your situation.

Whatever Your Situation, I Adjust to it.

I know you’ll walk through my door with a case that needs attention. I’ll be transparent at every step, so you can anticipate a smooth flow of communication.

In Life And Work, Collaboration Is Key For The Most Effective Solutions.

Your specific legal issue demands a personalized approach. That’s why we’ll work together to create a solid plan of action for your case. I believe that no person should face a legal situation on their own, which is why I often reach out to third parties and professionals to create solutions that work for your best interest. My ultimate goal is to show you through each step of the way that I’ll do what it takes—even consulting other attorneys—to ensure your legal needs are met.

I Prioritize Educating You On The Finer Points Before It’s Time To Make Decisions.

Because the law can sometimes feel confusing, it’s important to make sure that you understand all your options before you make a decision. I can outline strategic paths that have the opportunity to lead to likely outcomes. More than that, it’s about being transparent and keeping things as simple as they need to be. I’m not just an advocate, but a resource as well. Contact me today for a consultation and learn about the benefits of planning for the future in a simple, painless process.


Our Estate Planning Services

When a person dies, part of placing their affairs in order is to administer their estate; this is simply the legal term for collecting, cataloging and managing their possessions, including liquid assets, real estate, personal belongings, and stocks.
What To Expect

Your initial estate planning session is our opportunity to get to know your goals and to inform you about estate planning from beginning to end. We want to understand your long-term goals and talk about how you can achieve them. I want you to feel empowered by your new knowledge and to understand that we do care about achieving your goals.

What To Expect

A Last Will and Testament is a document that describes how property you hold in your name on the date of your death will be distributed through the local court in the county of your residence at the time of your death. Your wishes about a variety of subjects following your death can be addressed in the Will, including the distribution of your property, care of minor children, and burial wishes.

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A Trust is an estate planning tool that can potentially minimize estate costs and distribute property to beneficiaries outside of probate court, as a private transaction. Under Trust distributions of property, a third party, called a Trustee, holds assets for beneficiaries. The Trustee is responsible for distributing assets to the beneficiaries according to the directions in the trust.

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Power Of Attorney

Hiring an estate planning attorney requires research, understanding, and sometimes some luck to find the right fit. We strongly encourage that the selection process includes a preliminary telephone interview with the prospective firm or attorney. During that interview, we suggest asking questions that really help you understand their process and their services.

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Asset Protection

Asset Protection planning requires a global review and plan for risk. It should take into consideration protecting, to the extent possible, the type of an individual’s assets and choosing a type of ownership over the asset that will protect those assets from creditors. It should also consider claims on profits due to income tax or, in large estates, claims on the property on death due to estate tax.

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